Like it or not – Change

Covid-19 is here and we are all being forced to change.  My reactions have been changing, too.  At first, I was dismissive, then annoyed, then worried, then I felt neutral followed with resignation and acceptance.  I indefinitely postponed a workshop that I’ve been working on for a long time and felt relieved. I suddenly had free time and no performance anxiety.  Now with reality sinking in, I find myself feeling as if I’m on the precipice of change.  The trajectory of my new career did not include a pandemic – this wasn’t supposed to happen, right?  But, it did and now I have a choice – I can sit in paralysis or I can move into the new flow.  For me, this means that I have to get comfortable with the virtual world of platforms such as Zoom.  I have to walk through the fear of these new technologies believing that I can learn how to successfully and proficiently navigate these waters.

When I was doing my prep work for my workshop, I was directed to the graphic design site, Canva, and created the poster that is included in this post.  I had planned to use this as a visual aid outlining the six steps that lead to successful change.  So now, I’m going to practice what I preach.  I’ve moved through the steps of awareness and discovery and find myself in an awakening – I’m becoming willing to be willing to learn something new and to let go of my fears of the unknown. 

I’ll keep you posted, sharing what I learn, accepting tutorials and assistance of any kind and together we can weather this storm.

Take care, be healthy, practice safe social distancing and wash your hands.

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