With the Rain Comes Hope

It’s raining in Santa Barbara!  We haven’t had any significant rain for 8 months and we’ve all been feeling antsy.  This is not just a teasing rain but the type of thirst-quenching rain that makes all who live here breathe a sigh of relief as we inhale newly cleaned and refreshed air.  I can hear the soil sighing gratefully as it soaks up the moisture, the plants are expanding with joy and all of the creatures that pass through my yard are relaxing, knowing water can be found.

What a beautiful metaphor for what we are experiencing right now. We are leaving a terrible year behind – diseased, literally and figuratively, drought-ridden and riddled with fear by being bathed, cleansed and nurtured with life-sustaining rain as we move into a new year.  The rain has created a sense of hope within me and I can imagine myself walking arm in arm with courage, ready to face a new year. 

I wish you all a joyous and purpose-filled new year and I hope our paths will cross as we navigate this thing we call life.

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