Courage Comes from Within

If courage comes from within, that means it has always been with you – just hidden behind curtains of fear. It’s so much easier to stick with what you know – to be complacent, and even to live in mediocrity, sadness, despair or fear rather than to muster enough courage to stand in the light.

I knew what I needed to do for years but I had to hit my own personal bottom before I dared to let myself be courageous enough to peek out. I had to experience years of emotional pain before I’d had enough and dared to move out of my own mediocre comfort zone.

Why is it such a truism that the biggest motivator for change is pain? It’s because we humans are hardwired to resist change. Our brain recognizes any type of change by releasing hormones designed to get us ready for fight or flight. So, in a primitive way, we are protecting ourselves. Changing a behavior or doing something differently becomes realistic when change seems less painful than the state we are in. The resistance drops away and the path becomes clear. Courage is then given the opportunity to step out into the light.

This type of work is very difficult to do alone. If you are on the precipice of change and need a mentor and a guide, consider giving me a call. We can talk and see if working together might help you better navigate your own process of courageous change.

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