We Need Each Other

I believe this today – but I didn’t used to. I used to believe that I could go it alone and didn’t need anyone’s input. I was smart and could figure everything out by myself. What I really believed, but wouldn’t say, is that I was too afraid to let you know me. A spiritual awakening changed all of this for me and led me to the understanding that we live in interdependence with everyone and everything. What I think, say and do ripples out and touches the universe.

This beautiful recognition allowed me to soften, to let people in – mentors, guides, friends and just the next person I meet on the sidewalk. I could smile at this stranger, feel connected and know this person matters.

I always felt a connection with nature but it deepened with my newfound spiritual understanding. I could grow bee-loving plants that keep us fed and keep our world green. I could nurture plants that clean the air, hold the soil, provide protection to birds and animals alike and delight us in their beauty, feeding our souls.

I could take care of myself and the earth by helping to keep our rivers and oceans clean. We depend on the animals and sea life who live there and they on us. If the oceans die, so too shall we.

What a gift to feel part of this magnificent whole and to believe that when I care for the universe I care for all it’s inhabitants. Caring this way means that I matter – we all matter.

Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa
Everything is alive; everything is interconnected.”
–  Cicero 

2 thoughts on “We Need Each Other

  1. The interconnectedness of all life is an interesting concept, one that I believe in myself. Society often stresses the importance of Independence and being able to do things on our own, but we rarely acknowledge our interdependencies. Nature is a good reminder. We depend on nature, and too often we expect the Earth to take care of us and itself with no help from us. I really like the line about how what we do ripples out and touches the universe. Very nice.


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