Be Here Now

This is so true – if I’m able to smell some lovely flowers, I have to be present – even just for that moment. What would happen to my feelings of well-being if I extend those small moments of presence to greater and greater lengths of time? I imagine I would see the beauty in front of me and around me. I imagine I would be aware of whatever I’m feeling, right now – and this is good!

I’m not naive enough to believe that everything I see and feel in the present will be beautiful and wonderful. I know I will see and feel things I don’t like but since I’m seeing and feeling them in the present, I have a choice – I can accept what is, knowing I can’t change it, or, if I have the power to make or effect changes I can move into action. If I’m spending my time lurking in my past or flitting about in my future, I am powerless.

It takes a lot of energy to inhabit the past and the future, and most of that energy is negative. I’ve spent the equivalent of a life-time there and if I imagine using the same amount of wasted energy in the present, I could have moved mountains. But enough of this – I’ve let go of the regrets, choosing to learn from what’s happened in my life so mistakes aren’t repeated and self-blame isn’t perpetuated. I’ve also resigned from future tripping because I’ve learned that most of my imaginings just don’t happen, preferring to drop the anxiety that’s created when I’m there.

Several months ago I enrolled in a Mindfulness Meditation Teaching certification program after having dabbled with meditation for several years. I made the leap into the commitment to being present more often than not and I’m noticing the difference. When I find my mind wandering into dangerous territory – past and future – I can bring my attention back to the present with ease and I’m learning that my level of happiness is increasing and staying that way longer. I’m also noticing that when I’m happy and in a state of ease I’m more productive and more inclined to appreciate all that’s good in my life. It’s a lovely cycle that keeps going.

I needed help to get to this nice place in my life – lots of help. I’m grateful to all those helpers, past, present and future and I’m proud of myself for finally asking for that help. Reaching out was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Smell the flowers – be present – ask for help when you need it – my mantra for today!

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