Move Into Action

You finally found just enough courage to try. You found even more courage to risk failure by moving into action – playing the music that’s always been in your heart – speaking your truth – agreeing to let your true self out of hiding so you can be seen.

Once I began, there was no turning back. Every step that I took felt affirming. I felt the joy of someone who has been reborn and is learning something new everyday, all while feeling valued for the first time not only by others but by myself. Instead of hating myself, daily, I found the growing feelings of self-love.

Moving into action opens us up to the vulnerability of potential failure but let me be clear, failure is not the end of the road – it’s information. Information that is needed to start again, if necessary. Information that will help you make adjustments so the next time you try you’ll have a better chance of success – living and learning, right? Failure can be a very important part of the process and surrounding yourself with people who understand will help smooth out the bumpy roads that will inevitably be encountered.

When we move into action we are beginning the process of rewiring our brains. The big word for this is neuroplasticity. By changing our mindsets and behaviors and creating new patterns of behavior and thinking we are literally creating new and healthier neural pathways while simultaneously closing down the ones that created problems in our lives.

This is a critical stage in our efforts to better ourselves. Do this work with others, always. If you’d like to talk, contact me. I might be able to help.


Action is the antidote to despair.

~ Joan Baez

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