Awakenings Happen Every Day

Each morning, we have an opportunity to do more than just wake up. We can truly awaken to reality.

Awakenings represent a shift in our perspective. Instead of choosing to live in denial and demanding that everything be as we want it to be, we choose to see everything as it is. We decide to embrace the truth no matter how beautiful or ugly it may be.

This type of honesty requires courage because we are actually asking ourselves to consider taking an action. Will we accept things as they are or will we find ourselves face to face with change?

I remember awakening to the understanding that I needed help with my depression and alcohol addiction. As far as awakenings go, it wasn’t a lovely moment. I felt as if I had no choice and was resigned to this humiliation in order to save myself. Fortunately perspectives can shift and, in time, mine shifted from one of humiliation to humility when I awoke to the fact that I’m an imperfect human being who occasionally needs help. This awakening was gratifying and well-received.

I like to think of the awakenings and realizations that I’ve experienced as spiritual moments – moments when I’m able to tap into my innermost self and speak honestly with her. If you’re experiencing or have experienced moments like this, hold yourself with compassion and patience. Give these awakenings time to grow and time to reveal themselves for what they truly are – the answers will come.


To realize that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually.

~ Eckhart Tolle

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