Let the Music Flow

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

~ Plato

The music we love just flows. No matter the genre, when it’s practiced, honed and played we feel transported, energized, inspired, or soothed. We can feel all of this and more because all of the players and their instruments are in sync. The elements necessary for beautiful transmission are orchestrated and balanced. Each person in the group or the orchestra understands how they fit in and how they work together to make the whole.

Do you remember the first time you every placed an instrument? Do you remember the grimaces on the faces of everyone around you as they tried their hardest to make you believe it was simply awesome? If you stuck with the instrument of your youth or moved on to others, do you remember how much practice it took to become proficient, let alone when playing by yourself but especially when playing with others?

It’s this way in life, too. When we are balanced, everything flows harmoniously. The thing is, we have to learn how to be balanced and sometimes we have to unlearn almost everything that was taught to us during our youngest years. What a task! In order to find our authentic selves we had to find the courage to move through the stages of change that I’ve identified in the graphic below.

We had to move from just being aware of our need to change and awaken to our desire to find out who we really are and our purpose in life. Then, to courageously face our fears, move into action and practice over and over again takes dedication, fortitude and the realization that all of this work makes us better people. And, moreover, that this work never ends and makes life worth living.

Being in flow and living in harmony with ourselves and the world feels good. It feels good to let go of the constant struggles and to radically accept who we are while striving to change when necessary and to improve in general. The metaphor of musical notes lifting off the score and surrounding us all seems appropriate right now. So, let’s keep practicing and make music together!


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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