• Lessons From My Garden –

    A Series of Workshops & Discussions Beginning August 15, 2020

  • I’m hosting a series of online conversations about thinking patterns that can create problems in our lives. We all have problems with our thinking and it can be very hard to change these patterns without help – so let’s talk!

    My first conversation was about perfection and my next will be titled Weeding Out the need to be Right! Here’s what you will learn:

    • You will learn why you feel the need to be right even when you are wrong.
    • You will learn why you need to let go of the need to be right even when you ARE right.
    • You will learn how to become more teachable.
    • And, we will learn to be mindful during our virtual finger labyrinth walk.

  • Weeding Out the Need to be Right!

    An online conversation and discussion.

    September 12, 2020

    10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (PT)

    Other Workshops Coming Soon

    Weeding Out Negative Self-Talk – 10/10/2020

    Weeding Out Unrealistic Expectations – 11/7/2020

The Spirituality of Change

an Online Workshop

Presented by Megan Woodward Moyer, MA

May 16, 2020

10:00 am (PST) to 11:30 am

You will learn about the stages of change, your relationship with change and how the labyrinth can be used as a tool for mindful meditation and as a method for engagement in the change process.

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