Mindfulness in Sobriety

When Being Sober Isn’t Enough

A 4-Week Meditation and Coaching Experience

This is an event I would like to offer. Please sign up if you are interested and when I have enough attendees, at least 6, I’ll contact you so we can schedule a date.

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This 4-week workshop will use mindfulness meditation to help you move toward emotional sobriety by looking at the topics of Awareness; Awakening; Discovery; and Courage.

I am offering a unique perspective into the relationship between mindfulness and sobriety.  This is based on my own personal experience, Master’s level work in Psychology and Mindfulness Meditation Teaching training.  This can be considered as an adjunct and an enhancement to any 12-step program that you may be currently engaged in. This workshop is a $500 value that I am offering for $110.00!

This is for You If:

  • You’ve been sober for two or three years and are still feeling unsettled and bothered by old behaviors.
  • You are new to mindfulness meditation and want to learn more about using this as a tool to enhance your sobriety.
  • You are a regular meditator and want more mindfulness practice that relates to sobriety. 

This is Not for You If:

  • You are looking for a 12-Step meeting.  This is not a substitute for 12-step meetings nor should this workshop be looked at as a replacement to a sponsor/sponsee relationship.
  • You are looking for therapy.  This is a meditation experience and coaching opportunity. 
  • You have a year or less of sobriety.
  • You find yourself relapsing frequently.

What You Can Expect:

  • We will begin and end each workshop with a mindfulness meditation.
  • We will explore the areas of awareness, awakening, discovery and courage and how moving through these stages of change will enhance your emotional sobriety.
  • We will engage in exercises and conversations that will help identify any blind spots and old mind-sets that are keeping you stuck.
  • You will learn how to safely verbalize and clarify what you are feeling and experiencing, where these feelings come from and how you can begin to make positive changes.
  • Through mindfulness meditation, we will practice getting in touch with ourselves in ways that allow our bodies to relax and reveal what we’ve been holding onto for too long.
  • You can expect to feel the beginnings of an important “letting-go” which will allow you to feel freer and finally begin moving into a place of confident stability and emotional sobriety.
  • You can expect to receive four weeks of mindfulness meditation and a group coaching experience which I am pricing at $110 and is a value of $500.

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