A Celebration of Sobriety

Originally published in AA Agnostica on 7/19/2020: https://aaagnostica.org/2020/07/19/the-labyrinth-facilitator It is July 2020 and I’m celebrating an anniversary – 13 years of sobriety.  I’m so fulfilled today and so proud of this achievement that I often have to ask how this perfectionistic Atheist managed such a transformation?  How did I go from feeling so angry, afraidContinue reading “A Celebration of Sobriety”

We Are All in This Together

Recently, I received a newsletter from Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D., with some insightful reflections on existential shock.  This is what we are all experiencing right now as COVID-19 has caused everything to change, upending our world and our lives. In her newsletter, Dr. Schuman says, “I see that existential shock arises as a consequence of beingContinue reading “We Are All in This Together”

Like it or not – Change

Covid-19 is here and we are all being forced to change.  My reactions have been changing, too.  At first, I was dismissive, then annoyed, then worried, then I felt neutral followed with resignation and acceptance.  I indefinitely postponed a workshop that I’ve been working on for a long time and felt relieved. I suddenly hadContinue reading “Like it or not – Change”