Are you sober and still feeling lost? Are you looking for a simple map that will help you find your way to emotional sobriety?

This Is For You If:

  • You’ve been sober for 2, 3 or more years and are feeling unsettled and adrift.
  • Old behaviors and mindsets and blindspots continue to challenge your feelings of well-being.
  • You’d like to move into a place of authenticity and balance, enhancing your sobriety.

When I reached 3 years of sobriety, I began to realize that being sober wasn’t enough. I needed and wanted an emotional sobriety as well. I have been successful in finding it and now I’m passionate about supporting you in finding emotional sobriety, too.

I’ve developed an effective 6-step process to guide you to emotional sobriety and it starts with a free values-based living self-assessment. Are you ready to take the next steps toward your emotional sobriety?

Why Wait to Find More Peace and Balance? With two free videos, I tell my personal story of recovery and how I changed my life. The videos will be sent to you when you say YES, I want to find peace now!

Why Sign Up?

  • This is for you if you’ve been struggling to find purpose in your life – if you’ve been feeling stuck and wanting something more or different.
  • This is for you if you have chosen a life of sobriety but are still unhappy and feeling adrift.

What Will You Receive?

  • A video where I tell my personal story of recovery, finding my true self, and learning how to live a happy, meaningful and purposeful life.
  • A PDF with journaling prompts for self-reflection.
  • A video about my experience with labyrinths and how this ancient tool for mindful meditation changed my life.
  • A downloadable and printable finger labyrinth so you can participate in a meditative finger labyrinth walk.
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